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Edina, MN
$100,000 - $105,000
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Oct 31, 2018
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Compensation Consultant Job

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Active 2018-06-08

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Compensation Consultant

Leads the design, development, implementation, and administration of non-contract, clinician and physician compensation programs. Provides compensation recommendations to collective bargaining team for labor negotiations. Collaborates with HR Business Partners to consult with and advise managers, physicians, senior leadership, and employee groups on base and incentive compensation plans. Initiates and leads compensation assessments and analyses to validate competitiveness, effectiveness, and compliance of compensation programs. Completes special projects/initiatives.


* Bachelor's degree in Human Resources or related field, plus 6-8 years progressively strong experience in compensation design, development, implementation, and administration.
* 5+ years of compensation project management experience.
* Strong consultation, communication and presentation skills.

* Detail oriented, ability to multi-task and meet deadlines.
* Advanced skills in Excel, PowerPoint, and PeopleSoft.
* 1-2 years physician compensation experience preferred.
* Experience working in a human resources or business function with a strategic business partner and shared service delivery model preferred.


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Compensation Consultant Consulting Duties

* Consults with HR Business Partner to address compensation needs to meet operational objectives.
* Consults and advises HR staff and/or managers on compensation policies, practices, programs, and processes.

* Leads special projects/initiatives based on organization goals and needs.
* Researches external best practices, assesses internal compensation programs, and recommends changes/enhancements.
* Develops compensation strategies that align with organization goals/objectives. * Investigates potential efficiencies/enhancements to current compensation processes, including technology enhancements.

* Models compensation proposals to determine organizational expense. * May collaborate with outside consultants in the review of executive compensation on behalf of the board.



Consultant's Compensation Operational Duties

* Evaluates and approves salary increases, new hire and promotion offers for consistency with internal guidelines and external market (e.g. promotions, market adjustments, transfers).
* May complete job evaluations of non-contract positions to ensure compliance of FLSA and internal equity.

* Writes and distributes compensation communications, including compensation summaries for TA and Manager reference.


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* Assesses organization compliance with compensation laws and regulations. * Audits internal compensation information to ensure employee compensation data is accurate and consistent with compensation program provisions.
* Informs HR Business Partners of compensation program inconsistencies and supports leader education, if needed.

* Prepares compensation reports on employee and organization data/information.
* May coordinates timely processing of salary increases, incentive payments, bonuses, and premium pay with Payroll team.
* Collaborates with Benefits and TA teams on compensation changes that impact benefits (i.e. retirement, life, disability plan implications related to pay changes).



Consultant's Pay Program Management

* Collaborates in non-contract merit increase and performance appraisal process.
* Leads the administration of physician compensation process, including external market data analysis, development of physician base salary structures, and program design.
* Leads administration of executive incentive plan (EIP) management incentive plan (MIP), including determining best practices, goal development and plan approvals writing communications, and calculating payments.
* Leads/coordinates administration of physician incentive plan (PIP), nurse practitioner incentive plans, and other variable pay plans.
* Participates in development, administration, and implementation of reward, recognition, and reinforcement programs.
* Proactively monitors and reviews special compensation programs for competitiveness (i.e. premium pay, sign-on/retention bonus, etc.).



Develop & Administer Base Compensation Programs

* May assist in completion of external salary surveys.
* Analyzes external market survey data.
* Recommends salary increase budget and guidelines.
* Collaborates in development organizational structure, job families and salary ranges.



Knowledge Driven Care Delivery

*Provides services within the mission and vision of Children's. *Implements the integration of knowledge into unit/department operation. *Continues personal and professional development to enhance job related competency.




*Children's Service Standards and Organizational Policies and Procedures. *Children's Principles of Integrity and Compliance and Corporate Compliance Guidelines.
*Regulatory, accreditation standards, and job/department specific competencies (Joint Commission, CMS, Patient's Rights, Mandatory eLearning, etc.).



Optimal Use of Resources

*Manages time effectively by completing work within scheduled time, adhering to break times, arriving for work on time, and assisting others as available. *Manages resources effectively including supplies, equipment, and personnel time.

*Takes responsibility to maintain and enhance job related competencies.


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